Tubo Residential Building in Athens

Educational - Synthesis

Architects: Pyliotis Alkiviadis, Xirokostas Michail

Supervisor: Sofia Tsiraki

Location: Mets Athens, Greece

Area: 845 m^2

Project Year: 2013

Project Type: Educational Project

Main Idea


The main idea of our proposal are the tubos. Compact linear tumors placed one above the other in a way that they content the needs of the building program, as well as the correct orientation, organizing the whole synthesis. The apartment are developed in two levels, separating the living from the sleeping quarters.
Two elements of exposed concrete are cut off from the building and contain the vertical movement. Lightweight constructions connect the stairway to the entrances of the houses.
Both the semi-open detonation of the apartment, as well as the view to Kallimarmaro Stadium were guiding principles throughout the synthetic process.

Architectural Drawings