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Alkiviadis S. Pyliotis was born in Kalamata in 1993. He studied in the National Technical University of Athens, Department of Architecture (2011-2017), where he graduated with distinction. He received a number of significant awards and scholarships throughout his studies. His contribution to the wider architecture and research community is ever active through his participation in international conferences of architecture, architectural workshops and international exhibitions.

In 2014 he joined Konstantinos Pyliotis in starting the architectural firm p4rchitecture, which has conducted studies both in Greece and abroad. From 2013 on and while still in university, Alkiviadis Pyliotis began his ongoing collaboration with Evangelos Fokalis. During this period, they carried out numerous architectural studies and lectures in Greece and abroad. They also participated in international architectural competitions, which they consider an important field of research and reflection. Their work has been awarded with a number of distinctions and honorary mentions and published in the international electronic and printed press.

About Me

-Architect at P4 Architecture (p4architecture)

-Architect Engineer | National Technical University of Athens 

-MArch II  | Harvard GSD 




Addr: Ellery Street,  Cambridge MA, USA

Tel: +1 857 928 2696 , +30 697 9656 930